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Creating a Life-Long Love of Learning & Respect for the Earth
Nature based. Child led exploration. Endless fun.

Nature Based

Contact with nature is important for children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and educational development regardless of children’s race or socioeconomic status.

Curiosity Encouraged

Children are highly curious sources of infinite questions and ideas. By nurturing this innate desire to learn and instilling confidence in Bloom kids, we hope this curiosity remains with them for life.

Y'all Means All

We Believe: Black Lives Matter, No Human is Illegal, Love is Love, Women’s Rights are Human Rights, Science is Real, Water is Life, Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

kid picking flowers


We believe in teaching by example. Children learn respect, compassion, empathy, and morals by watching us interact with each other. Different families have different beliefs and customs, and we strive to help all feel included. We believe in learning about other cultures and how they make our world more beautiful. We believe in giving the child the choice of whether they want to participate because sometimes playing with play dough alone is what a kid needs. We believe in building on lessons and returning to what we’ve discovered throughout the day. We believe in genuine apologies, helping others, and taking responsibility for our actions. We believe in BIG emotions and allowing space for children to express them safely and authentically. We believe playing is learning and that all children play and learn differently. We think that crocs don’t have to match, tutus are acceptable gardening attire, and underwear can be worn inside out or backward. We believe in getting messy, playing in the dirt, and stopping to smell the honeysuckle. We celebrate and welcome each individual. And we believe y’all means ALL.

Grow Their Confidence

Each obstacle in nature is an opportunity for your child to embrace a new challenge. Through hands-on learning, your child is more likely to remain engaged and to build upon their creative problem-solving skills.


Keep their growing minds engaged.

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